Weather in Galicia: Camino de Santiago in spring

Q: Thank you for this helpful Camino de Santiago website! Four of us are planning on starting our Camino de Santiago on Sunday, 29 April, 2012, from O’Cebreiro. Rain is predicted in the weather forecasts. What I want to know is how much rain to expect? Does it rain constantly, all day? Or does it usually rain for a while then stop? Thanks so much for your help!

R: Weather in Galicia is quite unpredictable and the only certainty is that it is quite wet and fast changing. So you could have four seasons in one day. Galician weather is Atlantic similar to weather in Ireland and Brittany although with stronger sun in summer.

With regard to your question, it can certainly rain nearly the whole day, sometimes in Galicia there is this thin and slow rain of small drops that lasts for hours. But as I said it’s very changeable so after a while you might have the most beautiful sunshine. Actually in the past months there have just been a dangeous spell of drought in Galicia.

So don’t be afraid or discouraged by a rainy forecast for your Camino de Santiago, just carry appropriated rain gear just in case. Galicia is just an incredible beautiful Celtic region and many people say it’s even more beautiful under the rain.