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    Hi all;
    My family recently heard about El Camino and and we’re wanting to plan a trip with our family– to celebrate the adoptions of our two children. We’ve been embroiled in foster-adoption for the past 2.5 years. It may be another two before things are legally resolved… Something about taking a long journey- a pilgrimage- as a family when this is finally all over seems very appropriate. Our kids are now 2.5 and 15 months; so they would probably be 4 and 2.5 when they’re both finally adopted and we can go… I’ve heard it’s doable, but I’m looking for tips. Which route would be best for these ages? The Camino Frances (possibly abbreviated?)- or possibly the Camino Ingles, continuing to Finisterre? From what I’ve read thus far I think infrastructure and a route that’s navigable w/ an all-terrain stroller would be best… Any other tips??

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    Hello JessieBird, firstly congratulantions for your adoption of your two children. I think it is very beautiful your plan about walking el Camino de Santiago all the family together.

    I think it is perfectly doable. Probably el Camino Frances (French Way) could be the best choice for you because it is the flatest (actually Via de la Plata is also quite flat but with less services and accommodation, so I wouldn’t go for that one walking with children). The Northern Way and English Way can be really rainy, and hilly too. On the other hand, in El Camino Frances you will find plenty of private accommodation with private and confortable room in case you children have problems sleeping in the common rooms of the public hostels. It would be a good idea if you buy a Camino de Santiago guide that includes all the hostels in el Camino de Santiago with their phone numbers so that you can book a room the previous day. Normally that’s not necessary but just in case.

    Normally pilgrims get free health care as if they were Spanish but since the situation is now changing due to the economic problems and the cuts (and I don’t live now in Spain so I can’t tell you exactly), it’s better if you double check if there is an agreement in this matter between Spain and your country. If you are from Europe, the European Health card will do.
    There are plenty of services, so don’t worry about it. You can take a taxi in any village to a major town if your children need something.

    All-terrain strollers would be a good idea and you won’t have any problem with them in most of the route. There might be some exceptions like the first day crossing the Pyrenees with very steep streches. That stage is really beautiful but you might consider skipping it….
    It’ll be really helpful if you can learn some Spanish before you leave, because travelling with children you will need to ask for more information on the go than when you are only adults.

    Good luck in everything and come back to me if you have more doubts about El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

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      Ya hace una semana del Congreso: he cbamiado el libro de resfamenes, los ejemplarios, la acreditacif3n, la media horita en el catamare1n cruzando la Baheda, organizando las comunicaciones a las que asistir por los .pdf, las visitas al Cervantes, la incertidumbre por las notas que (ay) afan no salen. Y el clima de playa por los quince grados.Septiembre, el de los rojos helechales, es un mes muy dado a la melancoleda, pero esta vez, gracias a los nuevos amigos (pronto colegas) y todas las pistas de estudio que me llevo del Congreso, la vuelta al cole va a ser muy diferente. Tengo me1s claro que nunca que esto es lo que me gusta, a lo que quiero dedicarme; y que no sere1 fe1cil, pero pondre9 en ello todas mis energedas. Y no me siento solo. Virtualmente, alguien me acompaf1a a lo largo de este camino.La pena de no haberte podido conocer en persona es menos, gracias a estas estupendas entradas. Es un lujo tenerte de maestra, y tambie9n de amiga, y espero que el curso que ahora empieza este9 lleno de alegredas, en lo personal y en lo acade9mico.a1Hasta muy pronto!

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