Which path of Camino de Santiago to take?

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    I can’t wait to go on el camino de Santiago but i have no idea which path to take?? Please help me decide or if you have any advice i would like to take about a month on el camino but i am very flexible. Thanks

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    Hey Alexis, If you have about a month for El Camino de Santiago you could do one of the 3 long routes: French Way, Silver Way or Northern Way. If you had 5 weeks it would be even better that 4 weeks.
    A quick overview of them:
    -El Camino Frances: the most popular route, full of tradition, plenty of facilities, sometimes crowded with pilgrims, plenty of art and history, varied landscapes, the easiest to walk, sometimes too mainstream.
    -Via de la Plata: a bit longer, really unspoiled, amazing monumental cities, really hot (scorching) in summer, very authentic, fewer pilgrims, varied landscapes.
    -the Northern way: popular but not as much as Camino Frances, cooler weather, green and mountainous landscapes, by the coast and sea, plenty of art and history, a bit more expensive, harder to walk.

    Those three ways of Camino de Santiago are amazing, it depends on your preferences which one you will pick. If you are unsure just pick one! you can’t be wrong!
    Buen Camino

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    Alexis, follow us in Google+ for constant updates https://plus.google.com/110458622162676947740

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    Okay, this is probably a stupid question but are all these paths part of el camino de saniago de compostela ? Or is that its own path ?

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    They are completely different paths, they all get into Santiago de Compostela. As I said, the most popular camino is The French Way (El camino frances)

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    Thanks you so much, I was a little confused now it makes much more sense.
    Buen camino (thats what I was told your suppose to say)

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    Exactly, Buen Camino my friend!! 🙂

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