How to get from from Pamplong to Larrasoana to do 1 stage


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    Amanda Lordan

    Hi there,
    our parents who are both 61 are looking to try one stage of el camino this year as a test run, therefore we are basing them in Pamplona and suggesting they do stage 3 (from Larrasoana to Pamplona) to test if they feel they like it and if so come back and do more later. My question is (as we have based them in Pamplona for the 5 days) how can they get transport to Larrasoana to do stage 3? Should i put them there the night before and have them then do the stage to Pamplona? If that is the best approach then how do I get their bags to their hotel in Pamplona?
    thanks for any input

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    It was a beautiful day of My way:

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