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    I am wondering if there is any easy or established way to combine travel on the Northern Way and the French Way, ie., coming down from France into Spain and then crossing up to the begin the Northern Way. Would this work?

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    If you want to walk the French Way in France and swap to the Northern Way in Spain probably the best way is to take some transport from St. Jean to Hendaye in the French side of the border, right in the gulf of Biscay. Otherwise you can walk until Pamplona (3 days more) and then take a bus to Irun (beginning of the Northern Way, just besides Hendaye). They are quite close, it wont take long.
    There is a way of doing it by foot but I would take long: there is another way called Camino Vasco del Interior that connects the Northern Way to the French Way crossing the interior of the Basque country, but is meant to do it in that direction not in the opposite, it’s really beautiful but if you do it backwards to connect to the Northern Way you basically would go back, anyway if you are interested you can take it in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.
    Also there are normal trekking routes in the Pyrenees that will take you to Irun, but they are not part of El Camino de Santiago.
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    Buen Camino!

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      Vyzera to tak, ze si zachytil tu pravu Belfastsku aemsoftru. Obloha seda, ako vzdy (aj ked.. momentelne mame velmi pekne pocasie.. na minisukne a tielka) vsade bordel -pocarbane steny a hnusne horizontalne panelaky tesim sa, ze som z East Belfastu prec A tesim sa dalsie fotky! Teda.. nie ze by som ich namala aj ja v PC hehe ale aj tak sa tesim.Dakujeme za navstevu a prid aj s rodinkou nabuduce! Budeme radi!

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