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    I will be walking El camino with my wife and son. We plan to take approximately 6 weeks to complete the walk.
    We will be there for the month of September. We will either continue until October 15, or begin on August 15. We have not decided if we should begin earlier, or end later. What do you recommend?
    Muchas Gracias

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    October is still a very good month for El Camino de Santiago and August is the most crowded month, so I’d prefer to start the 1st September and finish el Camino in mid October.

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    My husband and are also thinking of going September through mid October. How is the weather? Day and Evening? We would like to camp out a few times. Are there marked areas for this or do you just sleep where you want? Also, do we need to pack bug repelant (mosquitos and such)?

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    Hey Kelly,
    The weather is very good in those months in El Camino de Santiago, normally not as roasting hot days as in july and august, but it can still very hot tought. The nights will be quite cool, for october you would need a sleeping bag thicker than the summer ones. Usually there are no especial camping areas, they are very small villages. The best thing is to ask to the person running the albergue or otherwise to some locals and they’ll tell you where is better to camp. In the case that you don’t see anyone (i.e. you’re in the middle of nowhere) just find a quiet spot and camp there.
    With regard to mosquitoes in El Camino de Santiago, I don’t think in those months they are a problem, it’s too late in the year. The only thing you may encounter is annoying but inoffensive common flies, and it could happen (hopefully not) some bed bug, that’s the reason why is good to sleep in your own sleeping bag even when you are in the public albergues.
    Good luck and Buen Camino!!
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    ciao, I’m going to start my camino next week (April 25th) for a month, starting from Burgos. I’m looking forward to it, but I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me. I haven’t decide yet what kind of shoes bring. I’m training both with my keen hiking sandal and my scarpa hiking boots. they both are light and comfortable. what do you you thing is better? how is the weather like during that period?
    Thank you – grazie

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    Ciao Rossella, maybe if you have space take both!! if only one maybe the boots (they have to be light though), but the sandals can be very helpful in the part Burgos-Leon and for relaxing.
    You will have good weather, not too hot yet.
    Buena suerte!

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    Hi my name is Julie. 🙂 My friends and I are planning on walking the Camino De Santiago. We would like to know what month would be the best recommended to go with good weather? Also if it would be better to go with a guide to El Camino de Santiago?
    We are very excited n aiming for next year to make this dream come true.
    Your opinion is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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    Hi Julie,
    In my opinion, the best months with good weather are May, June, September, October (better first 2 weeks), and generally April too (depending of the year). Remember the closer to July&August, the hotter and more crowded, well actually June and September can be really hot too haha, and May. So there is not “good” or “bad” month for el Camino de Santiago. But I could say I prefer Spring or Autumn.
    Regarding the guide I can provide a more clear answer than before: you don’t need a guide at all. Just read some guide book before or take it in your backpack with you. Actually with the information on , it can be enough to get you confident to start el Camino de Santiago, and once you start walking you learn on the go.
    Good luck and buen Camino!

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    Hello! You’re website is a great resource and so easy to use so first off, thank you for the time you’ve put into it as it has really helped with planning and preparation!

    I’m planning to walk the Camino (French way) from the start of October to mid November this year, from what i’ve read the weather during late October early November starts to turn, do you have any tips or advice about walking the Camino at this time of year?


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    Hello Josh, sorry for the late reply but my new job is not letting me much free time for managing the website. But thanks for the compliments, I’m glad you like my Camino de Santiago website!!
    So, the weather can be quite unpredictable for the month of October, it may still be really hot, especially at the beginning, but it can suddenly change to be rainy. It won’t be that cold (even at the beginning of November) during the day time but the nights will be chilly (that’s for sure), so you better carry a jumper for the nights. Galicia, the last region of el Camino de Santiago, is a rainy land all year round. It’s a good idea to carry light raingear and also waterproof cover for your bagpack.
    This might sound awful, but it’s not that bad, I think October (the autumn) is a really good month for walking El Camino de Santiago.
    Good luck and Buen Camino

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    Ed Kirk

    My 19 year old daughter wants to take the shortest route which she says is 100 km. What route would that be and is it safe for a female being alone. Where can I get more info? Weather in late April?
    Thank you.

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      To Ed Kirk, that would be the French route starting in Sarria. Do not worry at all the route is perfectly safe for females walking alone, in fact she won’t be alone but with many fellow pilgrims. The weather could be changeable, but nice temperatures.

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    Hola. Tengo 56 años y mucha energía. Vivo en México.Pienso hacer el Camino este año, creo que después de agosto. Tengo varias preguntas. Quisiera hacerlo completo desde Irun. Pero si vuelo México-Madrid, cómo sería la mejr manera de llegar a Irún, si quiero hacer el camino del norte ?. Que se supone que haga con mis documentos, pertenencias, maletas, etc porque pienso después regresar a Madrid por tres días antes de regresar a México ? Es Es seguro el camino para hacerlo sola ? Cuánto tiempo crees que me tome hacerlo ? Aproximado de gastos por día entre comida/hospedaje ? Qué pasa en caso de emergencia médica? Hay asistencia en el camino ?
    Mil gracias y ojalá me puedas responder pronto

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      Hola, la mejor forma de llegar de madrid a irun es por tren ( o por bus (, el bus es bastante mas economico.
      Sobre los documentos y maletas, lo mejor es que los lleves contigo y que no lleves mucho y en vez de maleta sea una pequeña mochila que te permita caminar.
      Desde Irun a Santiago siguiendo el camino del norte te llevara al menos un mes caminando.
      El presupuesto, calcula alrededor de 30 – 40 euros por dia.
      Buen camino

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    any itineraries or specific walking paths from Gent, Belgium or Brussels? Im in Gent now and want to start walking from here or Brussels within the next couple days!


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    well, I suppose you should follow the ancient route of Paris (passing by Orleans or Chartres and then by Tours and Poitiers) or the ancient route of Vezelay (continuing through Limoges). But I don’t think there are any official routes that far as Belgium so you should customize your route. One last tip, take advantage of the GR routes for randoneurs in France, if you get a map probably there is one that suits you.
    That’ll be a very nice walk you are going to do!! Enjoy!!!
    Buen Camino

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    I would like to do Original way in last two weeks of July.
    I am 25years old, and would walk alone.
    Never did anything like this, except the fact I love challlenges and nature so I try to put it in one.
    My question Would be, is it necessary To book all accommodations in advance or there will be always some place where to sleep?!?
    As I dont realy know what will go on and will I be able to make the routs as they propose.
    What is the weather in mention time and which advices you have for me?!?
    Thank you in advance

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    I think you’ll always find a place to sleep specially in that period of the year, so I wouldn’t book. The weather should be fine, although there is always the possibility of some rain, I think you’re picking the best time of the year for that route.
    Enjoy it!!

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    Jose Duran


    Soy Jose. Yo y un amigo estamos pensando hacer el camino de Santiago en junio de 2016. Lo mas probable es que seleccionemos recorrer el camino Frances. Estabamos considerando planear el viaje con alguna agencia de viajes pero he notado que es muy excesivo el gasto. Que me puedes recomendar tu? Simplemente reservar vuelo y lo de el hospedaje dejarlo para cuando estemos alla? La verdad que si nos gustaria poder descansar en algun lugar comodo y sin tantas incomodidades. Despues de tanto caminar es bueno poder descansar en un lugar tranquilo y seguro con todo lo basico para el aseo personal. Que tal esta el clime durante el mes de Junio?

    De antemano muchas gracias por tu ayuda!

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    ignacio fernandez

    Hello,I will be doing El Camino from SJPP to Burgos this coming August 16 to August 31. What temperatures I am expected to encounter while crossing the Pyrenees?
    Right now the temps are in the 80s and 90s or higher. Would I need a sleeping bag or is a sleeping sheet enough?

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    We will be arriving in Barcelona and will have luggage. We need to store our luggage for 35 days or so. Do you have recommendations on where to store our luggage?

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    Zada Ong

    Which route (what starting point) is recommended for a not-so fit person who exercises only 1x to 2x a week? How many days would it take? Thank you 🙂

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    Congratulations! I was in 2013th Here you can see me , I loved the night, I burned my panties Here you can: ( 🙂 +16!!! )

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