FAQ & Comments IV

I just read the novel of Paulo Coelho and it was so great!! I want to experience the feeling of being pilgrims!! To travel… i’m just happy to find this web!!


You are running a great and informative site. I am planning on starting my walk in April, 2011. I have a few of questions:
1. Are there internet cafes or Wi-Fi hot spots along the route from France?
2. What is the availability of charging facilities for netbooks, cameras, & cell phones at hostels?
3. Is local water potable? I know it was 30 years ago near Rota.

Thank you very much.
Dave Crandall

Hi Dave,

Normally there are PCs with internet connection in most of albergues although not very fast. You will get Wi-Fi networks when crossing big cities but certainly not in the countryside and small villages.
You can always find a plug for charging a camera even in bar, but just be careful to have an eye on your camera or phone to avoid it to be stolen. I would not recommend carrying a laptop.
The water is potable, you can drink either from water taps in houses or from street fountains, that’s no problem.
Buen Camino!


I have thoroughly enjoyed your Camino website; it has helped answer many a question I have had about el Camino experience. I leave on November 6 as a first time pilgrim and did not know if you had suggestions on a journey in the winter. I understand many of the albergues close in these months and did not know what the reality of this situation may be, or if there would be other possibilities for lodging. Any thoughts of suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks!!
Alex Baker

Hi Alex,
I wouldn’t worry too much about accommodation if you are following el Camino Frances, the main route. There will always be facilities for the pilgrims, just ask in the villages and they will direct you. Don’t forget to carry some rain clothes, waterproof footwear, and some warm clothes for the night and early mornings. While it may not rain at all during the “meseta” part, you will get some rain for sure in the last part of el Camino de Santiago, but don’t worry it will be very beautiful.
Buen Camino!


Thank you for the fantastic information supplied on your website! Have just completed the French Way and returned home in August. Your assessment and planning of route description of routes was perfect! El Camino will be with me forever!
A truly remarkable and memorable journey through Northern Spain! Fantastic!
Many thanks for your website!
Buen Camino.

Hi Charlie!
Thanks for the compliments to my website. I am really happy that you enjoyed el Camino de Santiago; it is truly an unforgettable journey.
Buen Camino!


Pilgrim, My wife and I walked el Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) back in 2002 and dream of doing it again someday.

We try to convince our friends to try el Camino de Santiago, and your web site is one of, if not the, best sites for getting the “feel” of walking el Camino.
Many thanks for all your efforts creating and maintaining the web site.
Perhaps we will meet someday on the way to St. James.

John Lieberherr

John, thanks very much for your compliments to my website, it is very important for me to know that I am helping future or already experienced pilgrims.
I really hope that you come back to el Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) and have again a fantastic walk, and why not, maybe one day we’ll meet on the way!
Buen Camino