Silver Way of El Camino de Santiago | Via de la Plata

The Silver Way, or Via de la Plata in Spanish, is a pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The Silver Way starts in the Andalusian city of Seville in the south of Spain and then continues north in parallel to the Portuguese border crossing the Spanish regions of Estremadura and Castile to finally enter Galicia.

The reason for the name the Silver Way is fact that it follows an ancient Roman route that was used for the trade and transport of silver. The Silver Way (La Via de la Plata) to Santiago goes through really monumental and historical cities such as Seville, Merida, Caceres, Plasencia, Salamanca and Zamora.

In the last part of the Silver Way, pilgrims have to make a choice. One option is to continue left (bordering the north of Portugal) along La Via Sanabresa or de Sanabria (The Sanabrian Way) to arrive in Santiago de Compostela crossing the southwestern Galician province of Orense. The other option is to keep on north following the pure Silver Way in order to merge the French Way of El Camino de Santiago in the historical town of Astorga and from there on carry on following the French Way.

This is the longest Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) and you’ll need more that a month to complete it. La Via de la Plata is nearly 1000km long either following the Silver Way and then French Way or taking La Via Sanabresa at the end. It’s recommendable to walk this Camino de Santiago in the spring or autumn months because the south and center of Spain is too scorching hot to walk in the day without shadow in summer. The Silver Way is really a scenic and full of Spanish culture Camino de Santiago. Some pilgrims make a break in Salamanca with the second oldest university in the world in order to attend to a short course on Spanish language.

Following you can see a map of the Silver Way and La Via Sanabresa at the end of it:

La Via de la Plata, The Silver Way Map

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I would like to walk the Via de Plata starting in Zamora June 1st .
Is it too hot? How long will it take to reach Santiago de Compostelo. It will my 24 year old daughter and I. Is that safe I know it is not as well traveled. We will start in Zamora because she has been teaching there the past year and wants to leave her things there and start there. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.