Primitive Way | Camino de Santiago Primitivo

The Primitive Way or Original Way (known in Spanish as El Camino de Santiago Primitivo) was the first pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. At that time, nearly the whole Iberian peninsula was under the caliphs’ rule, but a tiny Christian kingdom remained unconquered protected by the mountains of Asturias. They started the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela following the hardest but most protective way crossing the heart of the mountains range.

Theoretically, the Primitive Way (Camino de Santiago Primitivo) starts in the Asturias coast, nowadays as a deviation of the Northern Way or Camino de la Costa. Some pilgrims who were following the Northern Way along the coast from the Basque Country, close to France, decide to divert their way towards the Primitive Way in the town of Villaviciosa. However, if you want to walk only the Primitive Way you can just start in the city of Oviedo, capital of Asturias (see the Primitive Way map below).

This Camino de Santiago is not long: it can be completed in around ten or eleven days but it is physically demanding with many ups and downs and with a wet and fresh weather, still, you’ll have the reward of walking through unspoiled nature, beautiful mountains, streams of fresh water and charming little old villages some times untouched by progress. The Primitive Way is, therefore, a Camino de Santiago for the physically fit pilgrims, for nature lovers and who doen’t mind – or are actually looking for – a bit of solitude since this is one of the less crowded Camino de Santiago. One final tip is to walk the Primitive Way well prepared with rain gear and preferably in the late spring or summer months.

Map of the Camino Primitivo:

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