Final Part: Leon – Santiago de Compostela (300km)

After the hard test of the desert-like middle part of el Camino de Santiago (French Way) now the things start improving. Pilgrims have already completed two thirds of the pilgrimage and now they are used to walk and to the pilgrim’s life. They’ve progressed towards a state of harmony after having dealt with the problems of their soul and body in the previous twenty days of camino. Now pilgrims feel good with themselves, they are fully enjoying el Camino de Santiago and they don’t want it to finish. It’s like if, by some miracle, they’ve forgotten their normal life and problems. It’s a healthy feeling of consciousness of being there at that moment, fully living el Camino de Santiago.

Moreover, landscapes and nature get sweeter again. After Leon, the way starts ascending progressively to the highest and most symbolic point in the French Way: la cruz de ferro (the iron cross). Then, El Camino de Santiago descends to the fertile vineyard valley of El Bierzo to continue after that with one of the hardest climbs: the climb to O Cebreiro, the door to Galicia. After that, it’s all a pleasure: crossing the mystic and celtic Galicia region full of forests and gentle green hills. Plenty of delicious food and wine, lots of fish, seafood, octopus: the ocean is getting closer.

Before you realize it you will be arriving to the impressive Santiago’s Plaza del Obradoiro and you’ll be standing right in front of its breathtaking cathedral.

This final part is pretty long: 300 km. I did it in ten days but I think twelve days is an appropriate amount of time for it. Following you can see the stages that I walked with some photos and information for each stage: