First Part: St.Jean Pied de Port – Grañon (215km) Camino Santiago

I have divided the Camino Frances (French Way of El Camino de Santiago) in three parts. Each part is very different to the others: the topography, weather, landscape, and the local people and culture changes but there is a more important change: the change that takes place within the pilgrim. This change is physical and psychological.

This first part of El Camino de Santiago with 215km can be done, depending on your pace, in 8, 9 or 10 days. It’s the initiation of the pilgrim in El Camino de Santiago, landscapes are beautiful and very appealing, fertile lands, green mountains and hills, vineyards and tidy small villages. Pilgrims start a bit uneasy and frightened of such a long way in front of them but, after overcoming the pains and stiffness of the first days, they soon gain confidence in themselves and El Camino de Santiago. This is a really sweet part of The Way of St. James.

Grañon is a tiny charming village and I haven’t chosen it arbitrarily as the ending point for this part. Grañón is the last village of La Rioja region, the next one will be in Castille, in the meseta (high plains), and there everything changes.

This is an example of the possible stages to follow in this part. I’ve put photos and some information for the day on each of them:

It’s important to note that these are the stages that I walked but as I have said previously this is not fixed so you can choose your starting and ending points for the day. This is just an example. Since the facilities along the French Way of el Camino de Santiago are very good and there is plenty of accommodation don´t be afraid because you won´t be stuck without a place to sleep (unless you travel it in winter when you will need a bit more planning because some albergues close this period of the year).

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