Camino Santiago del Norte – Northern Way

El Camino de Santiago del Norte is a very quiet and nice route of special natural beauty. Its topography is very different to El Camino de Santiago Frances which makes it a different experience. El Camino del Norte follows the North coast of Spain, from the French border in Irun, along the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and finally Galicia region where the town of Santiago de Compostela is.

El Camino del Norte is a very hilly and sometimes mountainous way with impressive scenarios such as the Picos de Europa in Asturias which the pilgrim can see on his left as he walks along the cliffs in the coast. In El Camino del Norte there are many opportunities to have a bath or to relax in small solitary beaches of clean turquoise water or simply enjoy the view of the sea and the waves hitting the rocks in the cliffs.

For the lovers of nature, forests and green landscapes El Camino del Norte is the perfect track but they should keep in mind that El Camino del Norte represents a greater physical challenge than El Camino Frances due to the constant going up and down of the way and also due to its humid Atlantic weather which makes rain quite likely even in summer months.

Map of the Camino de Santiago del Norte:

If you are still doubful about what Camino de Santiago to walk you can see a nice comparation between the features of Camino Frances and Camino del Norte in the following page: Camino Frances vs Camino del Norte.

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Hi all,
will be on the Norte somewhere between August and October this year. Would prefer to (wild)camp it all the way, but legislation in Spain is varied to put it nicely,. Have heard scary stories as well as reassuring ones. Any experience/advice? Best (official) camping sites etc.?
Christiaan (Belgium)

My husband wants to walk the Camino Norte or the Primitivo. He is 72 years old and quite fit (runs daily). I however am completely unable to walk and those kinds of long distances but he wants me with him. He also doesn’t relish the sleeping in albuerges as he is a light sleeper and wouldn’t get a proper enough rest for walking the next day. So his solution is for us to rent a camper for me to drive and meet him at the end of each day of his walk. I am quite used to driving in Spain and camping with a van so have no worries in that regard. Also we could have a nice meal together at the end of each day and talk over our experiences. Also some friends have expressed an interest in walking with him for a few days or a week at a time and he is quite happy about that, as am I as he won’t be alone. So is it possible to do this with a camper? Obviously I would have to follow a road, not a path and I’d have to find him at the end of each day but this is do-able, we think.
Many thanks for any guidance or comments you can give us.

hi all,
I’m back from the Norte and quite disappointed to see that there was not one single reply to my question of May 2017. Figured it out myself then…